UKIP’s parliamentary candidate for Monmouth has denied supporting and promoting the English Defence League (EDL).

Gareth Dunn is the party's latest would be MP to come under fire for alleged EDL associations after he linked to a video of former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson speaking at the Oxford Union, saying: “Urge everyone to watch this”.

The video was billed on YouTube as “the story of why the EDL started from the man him self [sic]. Do not just listen to what the establishment want you to hear.”

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Lennon, describes starting the EDL in Luton in the video, saying when he was born in 1982 there was only one mosque in the town but there were now 30.

“In the high school I went to, you had the Muslim playground and the non-Muslim playground. That’s the same in pretty much every school in Luton. There are problems. I’ve seen them,” he said.

A UKIP campaign leaflet says Mr Dunn has lived in Monmouth for 10 years and is a physics teacher at a local school.

On his Twitter feed, he also linked to a radio clip posted by ‘EDL warrior’, commenting that it demonstrated “how Tommy Robinson of EDL fame is viewed across the pond”.

In the programme, the presenter describes Robinson favourably as the Paul Revere of the UK, referring to the man who alerted militias in the American Revolution by shouting ‘The British Are Coming!”

She said: “Because of him, many people were saved.”

Responding to comments on Twitter accusing him of promoting the EDL by tweeting the first video, Mr Dunn said: “How you can make the leap that UKIP support the EDL from my tweet is beyond me. He is speaking at the Oxford Union.”

Mr Dunn told the Argus: "I completely deplore the EDL and everything it stands for. I was simply recommending the videos because they highlight the fact that this man who achieved much fame by peddling hatred has since fully recognised that he was not only wrong, but that he should dedicate his life to trying to put right the hurt he caused. It is also worth noting, as has already been widely reported in the media, the man who is sometimes known as 'Tommy Robinson' has completely recanted his earlier views."

Newport East’s parliamentary candidate Donald Grewar resigned last month after posts he made in apparent support of the BNP and EDL emerged.

UKIP has said it will ban former EDL or BNP members from the party.