A TEENAGE boy claims a he was shot at with a BB gun when a snowball fight turned nasty.

Jay Parry claims that he and his friends were wrongly accused of pelting a house in Cwmbran with snowballs, before two older teenagers pulled out a BB gun on the group.

The 13-year-old claims that the pair fired shots aimed towards the group of six children, aged between 13 and 15 and pupils at Fairwater Comprehensive School, at 1.30pm on Thursday.

"I was out with my friends, we were going sledging and throwing snowballs at each other," he said.

"These other kids were throwing snowballs at this house but we were the ones who got accused.

"These two men brought out this platinum-coloured hand gun with a black handle and fired at us."

Jay said that at the time the shots were being fired, he was on the phone to his mum Paula Parry.

"He was telling me about being threatened about the snowballs and the next thing I knew he was telling me that he had just been shot at," said Mrs Parry, 43 of Daffodil Court, Ty Canol.

"Luckily he was not hit, but I got straight in the car and went round there.

"I couldn't believe it, I felt lucky to be going to see him at all."

Gwent Police have confirmed that there was an incident at the Neerings on Thursday with what they believe to be a BB gun, which fires ball bearings or plastic pellets.

Officers at Cwmbran cannot confirm whether shots were fired, but two men, both in their late teens were arrested.

One man was issued with a fixed penalty notice and the other was released on police bail pending further enquiries.

They are asking anyone with information about the incident to contact Gwent Police on 01633 838111.