PEOPLE in Wales are being invited to take part in a new event called On Your Feet Britain later this month.

The Get Britain Standing campaign, which wants people in the UK to improve their health by sitting down less, has partnered with the British Heart Foundation to organise the event for Friday, April 24.

It is the first-ever national day when workers in Wales will be encouraged to take the challenge to sit less and move more while raising vital funds to fight heart disease.

Last week NHS Wales published an online post advertising the event.

On average people in Britain sit for 8.9 hours a day. Some evidence has suggested sitting for more than four hours each day leads to disrupted blood sugar levels, increased insulin and blood pressure levels and a reduced metabolic rate.

The On Your Feet Britain Challenge is asking people in Wales and across the rest of the UK to make small changes such as standing during phone calls, standing and taking a break from the computer every 30 minutes, walking to a colleague's desk rather than using the phone and eating your lunch away from the desk.

There is also the opportunity to take the challenge and raise money for the BHF.

For more information or to get involved please visit