Scottish Labour leader Jim Murphy has declared the fightback will start immediately after losing his seat to the SNP.

He had held East Renfrewshire for nearly 20 years, but his once safe majority was eliminated as Kirsten Oswald swept to victory with 23,564 votes to Labour's 19,295.

The Scottish Labour leader joined a string of high profile colleagues on the casualty list, including shadow foreign secretary Douglas Alexander, as the SNP won across Scotland.

Mr Murphy said it was an "enormous" moment for the SNP, but he appeared to be in good spirits as he declared the fightback for Labour in Scotland starts tomorrow.

He added: "The fight goes on and our cause continues.

"I know hundreds of thousands of Scots still believe in the progressive policies the Labour party stands for.

"The Scottish Labour party has been around for more than a century. A hundred years from tonight we will still be around.

"Scotland needs a strong Labour party and our fightback starts tomorrow morning."