Wales Green Party has seen a six fold increase in their vote share by, demonstrating the importance voters place on protecting the environment and fighting for social justice. In 2010, Greens in Wales received 6293 votes compared with 38,254 this year.

Wales Green Party Leader, Pippa Bartolotti, said: “We have been overwhelmed by the increase in support for Greens in Wales over recent months. Our membership has increased by more than 115% since January, and the Green Surge has been reflected in votes.

"The public have shown they support our message to reverse austerity and build a safer, fairer future for Wales. We will build on this support over the next year in order to win seats at the Assembly elections.”

Across the UK, the Green Party received over a million votes, and returned Caroline Lucas to her seat in Brighton Pavilion.

Wales Green Party stood in 35 out of the 40 constituencies in Wales and were pleased to see burgeoning support in areas such as Cardiff Central, Cardiff South & Penarth, Ceredigion and Swansea West.

Chris Von Ruhland, candidate for Cardiff Central, who received 6% of the vote, said: "I'm delighted that people in Cardiff Central are beginning to get the strong, positive message that the Green Party stand for.

"This election has been mostly about fear, courtesy of the larger Parties. Positive politics, that places people and planet before profit, is long overdue. Our time is coming."