IT is obviousfrom the postings on this website www.southwalesargus. that theattempt to raisea mobile phone mast in Caerleon has set off a major controversy.

Yesterday and today angry residents took to the streets in Caerleon to stop work to erect the mast. The company O2 has now sought legal advice about its position and there is a stand-off in which police have said they will not take action as long as there is no civil disorder.

Most residents are apparentlyappalled that a technicalityhas allowed the mast to be put up, despite the company having been refused planning permission last year.

It would appear that an oversight by someone within Newport council has allowed O2 to exploit a loophole which means they are legally entitled to raise the mast, despite the opposition of residents and councillors.

Such anoversight by council officers (we assume) seems incredible and we are not surprised that residents are furious.

We wish the residents well in their battle but they appear to have had the rug pulled from under them by the council's non-adherence to correct procedure.