A CABLE car linking parts of Ebbw Vale will open to the public tomorrow after being first proposed in 2008.

The Ebbw Vale Cableway, which will link the main square of ‘The Works’ site and the town centre, is a free service which will run between 7am and 7pm on weekdays.

The funicular is made of a single track mechanical link with a modern designed carriage.

Each journey, which can hold around 22 people, will take around twenty seconds.

The European-funded project is part of Blaenau Gwent Council's town regeneration project for Ebbw Vale.

A spokesman for the council said: "The creation of this link will lead to wider regeneration and economic opportunities allowing more visitors to reach the area this in turn will help to support the community’s economic viability."

He added: "The urban, modern transport system will provide an easy, safe and efficient pedestrian link between the main square of ‘The Works’ site and the town centre. The cableway is close to the taxi rank, bus station and ‘The Walk’ shopping area, with the stop being on the land adjacent to David Taylor’s garage.

A landing platform/terminal will be positioned at the top and bottom of the slope and designed in a way that’s complimentary to the local environment. Each terminal will offer a site plan/information of each destination and provide a live timetable both audio and visual which will countdown to the carriage arrival at each terminal. The cabin is self operated; you press the button at the cabin doors and the lift is called to the station. The doors open for you to enter and they close behind you. The button in the cabin is then pressed to go to the top/bottom station.