A MEMORIAL meadow will be dedicated to 20 soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War.

The Memorial Meadow will be officially dedicated to the 20 people who fought in the war and are named in a list of those who fell at St David’s Church in Llandewi Rhydderch, near Abergavenny.

A Heritage Lotttery-funded project to research the list of names and to dedicate a meadow in their memory has been spear-headed by local volunteer researchers.

The Llanddewi Rhydderch WW1 Research Group of volunteers turned a piece of overgrown ground behind the church into a meadow to be used by the community. The meadow is now homes to Welsh wild flowers, benches and a memorial stone from a local quarry.

The Bishop of Monmouth, The Right Revd Richard Pain will bless the meadow, and poppy wreaths will be laid by The Lord Lieutenant Sir Simon Boyle on behalf of the nation and sovereign, The British Legion and by Mr Robert Doyle, a former serviceman, on behalf of the community of Llanddewi Rhydderch at 2pm on July 4.

The Blaenafon Town Band will be in attendance and standards from the Royal British Legion and The Royal Welsh Regiment will be presented.

Father John Humphries, Priest in Charge of the Llanddewi Rhydderch group of parishes said: “We are very pleased that the Heritage Lottery Fund was able to fund this important project.”

“This is another opportunity to expand our Church and community link as all sections of the community has been involved in this work. It is also important to have a reminder, for future generations, of those who died and suffered during this period in history.”

“We hope that this meadow will be used by all as a quiet place or a play area.”

The group is currently gathering information of WW1 soldiers, nurses and others involved in the First World War, who had a connection to the parish of Llanddewi Rhydderch and surrounding area. It would like to hear from anyone who has information that could help them. Contact Marianne Nicholls by email: ww1memorial.lr@gmail.com