A MOTHER and daughter from Cwmbran are thought to be the first in Cardiff University’s history to have studied the same degree at the same time.

Jane Heard, 47, enrolled on Bachelor of Law in 2012 and her daughter, Chloe Walkley, 20, followed suit in 2013.

Following three years of study, Ms Heard has graduated last week (JULY 13- 17), one year ahead of her daughter.

She said that she always had a keen interest in law but did not have the opportunity to go to University when she finished school.

But she had gained previous experience when she worked as a legal secretary so had a good insight into life in a legal firm.

She said: “Once my children were in secondary school, I enrolled with the Open University and studied law for four years part-time while working in human resources. But life threw some obstacles in the way and I had to postpone my studies.

“I eventually enrolled again at Cardiff University in 2012, and have continued working in human resources alongside my degree.”

Being a mother-daughter duo at university has resulted in a few unusual situations, she explained: "I enrolled the year before Chloe, which meant I had already made quite a few friends. Chloe thinks it’s funny that I was friends with her now boyfriend Joe before they even met, and when she brings him home we talk more than they do."

She added: "Sometimes, in lectures or in tutorials, the teaching staff would comment to the students “you probably won't remember this, but your parents will."

But according to Chloe, it’s still a case of mum knows best when it comes to studying.

Chloe said: “It's definitely a case of me asking mum for help and not the other way around. My friends ask if we just work together on everything but being a year below means a lot of it changes.

"I think it's more the fact we can have debates and discussions on topics we've both studied at some point, which helps me learn and is interesting.”

But despite the uniqueness of the situation, Chloe is incredibly proud of her mum’s achievements.

Chloe added: “I definitely wouldn't change it. My mum is an incredible person and one of my biggest inspirations, especially when I made the decision to study law.

“I feel very privileged to have been able to share this experience with her and I love seeing her happy doing a degree she is so passionate about. Plus I never have to buy any textbooks.”

Ms Heard will now pursue a career as a solicitor and Chloe hopes to secure a legal job in the charity sector or become a solicitor.