Thirty-one-year-old Nick Ramsay has been selected to fight the Monmouth constituency for the Welsh Conservatives this time around, the seat held since 1999 by David Davies, now the constituency's MP.

Nick was born and bred in the constituency. He went to school locally in Llanyravon and Croesyceiliog, going on to gain a degree in English and Philosophy from Durham University and a Post-graduate diploma in Linguistics from Cardiff.

He currently works in the Assembly for the Conservatives and has been a Monmouthshire county councillor since 2004.

Nick says: "During my campaigning on doorsteps the length and breadth of the Monmouth constituency over the last year the same message has been coming across loud and clear - people here feel they are paying more tax than ever before and getting less and less for it.

The level of council tax is a major concern. As a Monmouthshire county councillor I have seen first-hand the raw deal that Monmouthshire county council gets from this wasteful and arrogant Labour Assembly Government.

The fact is Monmouthshire receives less funding per head from the Assembly than any other local authority in Wales.

If we received the Welsh average in grant from the Assembly we would be millions of pounds better off.

And then the council wouldn't find itself having to make difficult choices about what it can and cannot afford to fund.

You only have to look at the crisis in public services to see why people are disillusioned.

Take the NHS, once the envy of the world. Health spending has actually increased over the last few years but the money simply isn't getting through to where it is needed.

The result is plain to see - a tenth of the population now on an NHS waiting list and almost half the people living in this area without access to an NHS dentist.

It doesn't have to be this way. We need a Conservative Assembly Government to cut waste and bureaucracy and get some sense into the way Wales is run. On May 3rd you will have the chance to vote for change.

Only the Welsh Conservatives can deliver that change. David Davies has been an outstanding Assembly Member for Monmouth for the last eight years and I pledge that, if elected, I will be a similar strong voice for the Monmouth Constituency in the Assembly, speaking up for people when they need it most."