A COMMUNITY farm has been set up in Caldicot, the first of its kind in Monmouthshire.

The Caldicot Community Farm group currently have a plot of land in the grounds of Caldicot Castle which will be a community space and will contain raised flower beds, fruit and vegetables.

They will be using this third of an acre plot to act as a sign post for the larger community farm which they hope to acquire land of between five and 20 acres in the area.

Kate Edwards, a ground assistant at the castle and Gillian Brooks, from Community Supported Agriculture, have set up the community farm and are looking for a larger plot of land to start the main farm.

The idea is that members of the community come together to support a farm financially in return for a regular share of the produce. Community supported agriculture (CSA) has become a popular way for people to buy local produce directly from a farmer.

Ms Edwards said: "It can be a great way to re-connect the local community with locally grown produce.

"Research has shown that Monmouthshire could take three community supported agriculture type of farms within the county in Caldicot, Abergavenny and Dingestow. There is support out there for them.

"We've had a fantastic response on our Facebook page since setting it up a few weeks ago. We've had 1,600 page views.

"It's becoming a really popular way of farming but this will be the first in Monmouthshire."

Ms Brooks, 26, said: "It's a way for those involved to share in the risk and rewards. For the people who volunteer it is a unique thing the CSA for them to help grow the fruit and vegetables and have a stake in it."

To get involved contact glbrooks1@gmail.com or visit www.facebook.com/pages/Caldicot-Community-Farm/