NEWPORT residents have been left aghast after the Transporter Bridge was listed as one of ‘10 reasons why Cardiff is one of the coolest cities in the UK’ by a leading travel guide publisher.

The article on has been written by Norm Longley, who has contributed to nine Rough Guide books on Amazon, including the 2015 Wales edition.

Listing his ninth reason to visit Wales’ capital city, Mr Longley says that Cardiff has the “world’s largest transporter bridge” although he acknowledges that “it’s not exactly in Cardiff” and is 15 miles away.

David Hando, secretary of the Friends of the Newport Transporter Bridge, has offered an escorted tour to any of the Rough Guide writers following the gaffe.

He said: “It reminds me of that scene in Tiger Bay where Hayley Mills got on the bridge in Newport and got off in the docks in Cardiff. It was the magic of Hollywood in that case, though.

“I don’t think they’re very good map readers. It’s astonishing, really.”

Maureen Hendon, the four-time kidney transplant patient who raised £1,800 for the Kidney Wales foundation after touring six transporter bridges across Europe, said: “If you go to Cardiff, you’ll have a long walk to try and find it.

“I feel cheated. It’s nowhere near Cardiff.”

Newport West MP Paul Flynn said: “Clearly, Cardiff is lagging behind with matters of interest so they have to steal ours. It’s understandable.

“I’m sure if we build another Transporter Bridge, we can send it to Cardiff.

“Rough Guides have gotten even rougher and I shan’t be investing in the new edition.”

Rogerstone councillor Chris Evans said: “People always talk about Newport being swallowed up by Cardiff but I think they want to borrow the Transporter Bridge to look better.

“You can understand why they’re envious and we have to be generous when people try to ride on our coat tails.

“We have a few lessons to teach them.”

Jon Powell, a kiosk owner on Newport High Street, said: “As well as the Transporter Bridge, there are many reasons to come to Newport like Tredegar House, the Celtic Manor and Fourteen Locks.

“I’m disappointed that they didn’t put the time and effort to know exactly where it is.

“Cardiff’s great but it’s got its own things. We’ve got the Transporter Bridge, let’s keep it for ourselves.”

Iftekhar Haris, who owns five nightspots in the city, said: “I’m lost for words, I can’t believe it. It’s always been known as the Newport Transporter Bridge.

"It’s Nato and the Celtic Manor all over again. Rough Guides are very, very rough."

Shaun McGuire, a local historian, said: “Newport has always been the underdog.

“The Transporter Bridge is Newport. It’s an icon and the only one we really have.”

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