A FORMER RSPCA animal collection officer from Newport killed himself by overdosing on medication and alcohol, an inquest heard last Thursday.

The body of Simon William Carlson, 37, who had moved to Pembrokeshire with his family, was found by police on May 7 of this year.

Coroner’s officer for Dyfed-Powys Police Jeremy Davies said Mr Carlson, from Haverfordwest, had moved to Crymych with his wife and daughter in 2012 for a quieter life.

His wife suffered a stroke in 1999 and his daughter suffered from a neurological condition, the inquest heard.

Mr Carlson started attending the gym, using steroids, later suffering a breakdown, for which he was prescribed antidepressants, the inquest heard.

He self-harmed, the inquest at Milford Haven Town Hall was told.

Mr Carlson’s mental health deteriorated and he was suffering paranoid thoughts.

He was prescribed medication for schizophrenia, and staff at Bro Cerwyn had wanted to keep Mr Carlson on the ward on May 6 but he refused.

He returned to Bro Cerwyn for further medication.

Mr Carlson’s wife had expressed concern he was just getting “doped up”, urging him to stay at the ward.

He argued with her, leaving with his medication and his wife’s and daughter’s, asking if their marriage was over.

After receiving no reply to phone messages sent to Mr Carlson, his wife reported him missing to police.

Mr Carlson’s body was found by police at a chalet in Haverfordwest belonging to his brother-in-law.

Mr Carlson was found with a variety of medication.

A note for his daughter, stating he intended to end his life, was also found.

A post-mortem report by Dr John Murphy found levels of medication in Mr Carlson’s blood at fatal levels.

Also discovered were substantial amounts of alcohol.

A level of 239 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood, the drink-drive limit being 80, was recorded.

Mr Carlson died from the combination of medication and alcohol, the report stated.

Reaching a conclusion of suicide, HM Coroner for Pembrokeshire Mark Layton said: “Mr Carlson had a history of mental health difficulties, he’s taken an overdose of prescribed drugs and a large amount of alcohol with the intention of ending his life.

“Mr Carlson has killed himself.”