A NEWPORT man who left school early because his acne was so severe is launching his own range of skincare products after overcoming the condition.

Jordan Sully, 31, of Amelia Way, suffered with horrific outbreaks from the age of 15 and only got on top of his constant battle with acne last year.

Such was the severity of his acne, dermatologists put Jordan on Roaccutane, a powerful steroid whose side effects have been linked to depression in some cases, three times.

The steroid is so intense that dermatologists recommend that no one should be put on the drug more than three times in their whole life.

Fearing that he would be bullied, Jordan left school at the age of 16 and spent much of his spare time washing his face and wandering from one mirror to the next.

A former pupil at Chepstow Comprehensive School, Jordan said acne took over his life and left him feeling depressed.

He said: “When I was a teenager, it affected me really badly. I left school because I was that embarrassed. I felt down and I was severely depressed.

“No one bullied me. I didn’t want to give people the opportunity to bully me. I hid myself away.

“You go to bed and you can feel one coming under your skin. It seems a constant battle. There is no cure.

“Looking in the mirror, it’s the first thing you see.

“I would never see someone if my skin was bad."

Having tried every type of treatment, Jordan reluctantly accepted acne as part of his everyday life for more than a decade before taking matters into his own hands when he developed own skincare routine last year.

Using ingredients ranging from jojoba and apricot to witch hazel and pumice, Jordan, who embarked on a skincare formula course in Plymouth, has devised 12 products that have all been approved by toxicologists following lab testing under EU regulations in Croydon.

Whether it’s cleansers and toners or moisturisers and creams, Jordan believes he has found the natural formula that can help an estimated 12 million acne sufferers in the UK.

He said: “I needed to make a change…I needed a longer-term solution.

“I started mixing products and looking at my lifestyle. It’s been years and years of trial and error….but it worked fantastically for me.

“It was a change to my lifestyle. We have to educate people. It’s not just a teenage problem.

“There’s got to be thousands out there who got the same journey. It helps me by helping other people.”

Jordan has already raised more than £1,300 of his £5,000 target to get his skincare business off the ground.

For more information and to donate, visit http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/naturaldermatology.