A BRAWL between three members of a motorcycle club who were 'armed and dangerous' in Newport was pre-arranged, a court has heard.

Stephen Jones, aged 58, of Fron Hafren, Newtown, Powys, Andrew McCann, aged 54, of Durham Road, Newport, and Raymond Scaddan, aged 55, of Beaufort Road, Brynmawr, are all on trial at Newport Crown Court charged with violent disorder.

The court heard Jones and Scaddan, wearing Hells Angels uniforms, drove to McCann's home in Durham Road on January 24, 2015, around 4.30pm. Ieuan Bennett, prosecuting, in his closing speech today said the three defendants had pre-arranged the fight.

He said Jones and Scaddan visited McCann to get money that he owed Scaddan.

Witnesses who dialled 999 said they were terrified at seeing the men fighting in the street. A passerby who was walking her dog said there was blood everywhere and she saw four men fighting with weapons.

Mr Bennett said two hammers were recovered from the scene and McCann on that day had carried a hammer in the footwell of his van.

A baseball bat belonging to Jones and a knuckle duster belonging to Scaddan were also used in the fight.

Mr Bennett said: "Trouble had been brewing for a long time which both sides knew. In the meeting which took place everybody was armed and dangerous and prepared to get stuck in.

"That is not the something that raises the issue of self defence. This was a joint enterprise involving three men albeit two on one side."

He said they wore heavy boots and biker gear which are reinforced as a precaution against injury.

Mr Bennett said both McCann and Jones had serious head injuries.

Christopher Rees, defending Scaddan, said the witness saw a fourth man involved in the altercation which he said was McCann's son. He said McCann, armed with a hammer, approached the Ford Focus which Scaddan and Jones were in.

He said Scaddan slipped his knuckle duster on in self-defence, which was a ‘reasonable response’ to McCann coming towards him with a hammer.

He said Scaddan hit McCann and disarmed him. He then threw the hammer over the fence before going to rescue Jones, who McCann had in a headlock and another man was hitting Jones on the head with the other hammer.

Mr Rees said Scaddan is a man of ‘good character’ who was previously in the armed forces and argued why would he decide to extort £5,000 from McCann.

Mr Rees said: "If Mr McCann thought he was a victim he would have straight away phoned the police which he didn't. Mrs McCann did an impromptu load of washing with the only reason to wash the blood away and the forensic evidence off him."