A BARBER shop is backing a charity drive to bring down the number of suicides among young men in the UK.

Brothers Jac and Daniel Ludlow opened Bo Jangles British Barber Club in Griffithstown last year.

Now, the hairdressing duo are endorsing an initiative backed by the Papyrus charity to try to cut the number of suicides among men.

Statistics show that suicide is the main cause of death in young people under 35 with more than 1,600 taking their own lives every year in the UK alone.

The Griffithstown barbers have joined the Lions Barbers Collective in a bid to give hope to young men who feel they are not coping in life.

Jac Ludlow, 24, said: “I feel my clients trust in me to share problems or troubles they are having in their life and many have done so in the past.

“As barbers, we are therefore in a unique position to encourage our clients to seek help and indeed help them to find it.”

The motto for the collective is recognise, listen, talk and advise.

The group are working on a bespoke BarberTalk training program to help detect clients that may self harm or with possible suicidal tendencies, so they can direct clients to the relevant support.

The group also intends to celebrate well-being in young men with a 'look book' of hairstyles to be released in the coming months.

Last month, the barbers hosted a stand at one of the biggest hair exhibitions in the world, Salon International in London.

Their shop is also being featured in a series of international documentaries filmed by celebrity New York hairdresser Denny Moe.

The siblings have seen a host of pass through their doors including Anthony Suminski and Jack Watkins of MTV the Valleys and the twins from UK hip hop sensation So Solid Crew.

Other VIPs who had their hair cut at the shop include professional boxers, as well as Newport Gwent Dragons and Newport County players.