A FILM shot at the Celtic Manor Resort in Newport is set to enter leading film festival competitions.

Another Man’s Shoes, filmed on Sunday, November 14 and 15 was directed by Amanda Mealing, best known for her roles in front of camera on Four Weddings and a Funeral, Strike Back and Casualty.

A producer on the film Benjamin Jenkins said he was pleased to finally see it coming together.

“For the past two years, I worked on a silent comedy film idea with Amanda Mealing, who plays Connie Beauchamp on BBC’s Casualty.

“Amanda directed her first film, which was written by her husband Richard Sainsbury and it will feature several well-known actors, presenters and a prominent Welsh sports star.”

Mrs Mealing said making her directional debut was a “fantastic experience” and relished the challenges that it brought along with it.

The 47-year-old said: “I have worked over the years with some of the most amazing directors and without knowing it I have subliminally picked up their techniques and put it into my own practice.

“Another Man’s Shoes is a silent comedy that tells the story of the odd man out in an idyllic world where everything that can go wrong, does go wrong."

Starring in the 15-minute film will be Welsh-born actors Charles Dale and William Beck, Welsh presenter Justine Jones, actor and producer Dan Richardson and cameo appearances from sports presenter Manish Bhasir and former Welsh international rugby player Scott Quinnell.

Mrs Mealing said she created Black Chair Films, a production company, with the aim to promote Welsh film on an international stage.

She said: “We hope to get our film into many festivals around the world, but especially Cannes, Sundance and New York film festivals.

“Another Man’s Shoes goes into competition with high hopes as the last film written by my husband was an official selection at 50 film festivals and won 20 prizes, making the BAFTA long list and eligibility for the Oscars."

Mrs Mealing said her next project will be a film called One Summer in Newport, which she compares to a modern day Lord of the Flies.

"Following recent filming success in Newport, I believe it is an ideal place to film and harness local talent for my production company," she added.

Another Man’s Shoes will be released to the public later next month.