IT was fitting that Public Service Broadcasting chose to make their Welsh return to Cardiff University’s student union on Thursday.

Music which aims to teach lessons of the past through modern dexterity was warmly received by the crowd - raucous in their reverence – of the conceptual band.

The London duo launched their UK tour, which has been truncated due to personal reasons, in style – bringing their signature audio-visual transmissions to the Welsh capital.

Consisting of multi-instrumentalist J. Willgoose Esq., and drummer-cum-percussionist Wrigglesworth, a musical cavalcade of differing genres ensued – as well as themes.

The most recent album, The Race for Space, understandably covers humankind's assent to the stars but the pair are not afraid to push the boundaries of time as well as space.

Historical moments featured prominently throughout the performances, from the delivery of mail on steam trains to the stiff upper lip shown by Britain during the Blitz to Dutch long-distance speed skating.

What is most enjoyable about the cacophony of lights and sounds is the variety in the performance – a fusion of synths, banjos and archive footage with the staple drums and guitar of modern music.

The pair, akin to two history teachers found marooned in the music department of any secondary school, are a force to be reckoned with due to the avenues open to their music.