The Gwent photographer who won a legal battle over a monkey selfie which went viral says he will now sue Wikipedia for infringing his copyright.

David Slater's image of Naruto the monkey who inexplicably took his own picture in an Indonesian jungle made headlines around the world, but an animal charity claimed the copyright belonged to the ape.

Their legal claim was dismissed by a San Francisco court on Thursday, and now Slater, 51, says he plans on suing Wikipedia for sharing the image without his permission.

Mr Slater, from Mathern near Chepstow, said: "I'm especially unhappy with the way Wikipedia has behaved.

"They took the view that no-one owned the copyright and allowed visitors to download images from their website.

"I'm planning to sue the organisations that have infringed my copyright and top of the list is Wikipedia.

"I want to get them into court over here rather than in America."

Mr Slater estimated he has lost hundreds of thousands of pounds for being unable to charge for the picture – based on a rate of charging £1 for its copyright against the times it has been used around the world.

But Mr Slater said he was determined to be the victor against Wikipedia.

He said the standard had been before that “little men like me can’t fight against giants, Wikipedia included”.

During the now dismissed legal case PETA had claimed they should be recognised as the monkey’s ‘next friend’ and should have been able to collect royalties for it.

They said they would then spend that money on helping the monkey and other endangered macaques.