THERE are delays into Wales after a lorry carrying hay caught fire just after the M4 Second Severn Crossing toll booths in Monmouthshire. 

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service was called to the scene at 12.47pm and firefighters remain on scene.

Motorists are asked to use the M48 to cross into Wales.

There are delays of about 10 minutes to get through the toll booths. 

UPDATE: 1.50pm

The crossing is closed both ways but more firefighters are en route to deal with the lorry blaze. 

Currently there are four appliances there - two from Avon and Somerset, one from Maindee and another from Caldicot. 

UPDATE: 2.12pm

Motorists queueing for the tolls are slowly being let through onto the M4.

According to Traffic Wales, the delays are likely to last until 4pm to 4.15pm westbound before they are fully cleared. Delays are expected to last another hour on the eastbound stretch. 

UPDATE: 2.34pm

The delays are now likely to last until 4.45pm to 5pm westbound, according to Traffic Wales. 

UPDATE: 2.45pm

Gwent Police will reassess whether the M4 can reopen at 3.15pm and said the motorway has been closed “on safety grounds”, according to a statement.

UPDATE: 3pm 

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service do not appear optimistic about the upcoming assessment and disruption is set to continue. 

UPDATE: 3.33pm

The M4 is now open eastbound over the Second Severn Crossing. 

UPDATE: 3.55pm

A South Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said the police are anticipated to reopen the westbound carriageway - but with speed warnings in place. 

UPDATE: 4.04pm 

A video shows smoke billowing from the lorry earlier this afternoon. 

Video from lorry fire on M4 1 of 2.

— NPAS Filton (@NPAS_Filton) January 24, 2016


Video 2 of 2.

— NPAS Filton (@NPAS_Filton) January 24, 201

UPDATE: 5.18pm

According to Traffic Wales, the M4 westbound is is "expected to be clear" between 7.45pm and 8pm. 

UPDATE 6.07pm 

That time estimate has been revised to 8.30pm to 8.45pm by Traffic Wales.

South Wales Argus:


UPDATE: 6.45pm

The motorway has now reopened, according to Highways England:


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