TORFAEN'S MP is urging his constituents to help “save a life” after speaking to blood cancer awareness campaigners.

Nick Thomas-Symonds was moved by the story of two-year-old Margot Martini recently, who sparked a worldwide campaign for more stem cell and bone marrow donors after losing her battle with cancer.

The charity Team Margot was subsequently up by the toddler’s parents, campaigning to increase the number of donors from mixed ethic backgrounds — the key obstacle to Margot finding a perfect match.

Currently, 60 per cent of donors receive the best possible match, but this drops to 20.5 per cent for people from a black, asian and minority ethic background.

Mr Thomas-Symonds met with Yaser and Nadia Martini and said he was “amazed” at what the family had achieved.

“Their passion and determination are an inspiration and their hard work is literally saving lives," he added. "It is a wonderful tribute to Margot.”

Yaser Martini, Margot’s father, said: “Team Margot campaigns for more people to join the worldwide bone marrow registers, especially those with a mixed heritage.

“We want to help save the lives of all those people who, just like Margot and our family, never thought they'd need a bone marrow transplant.”

Mr Thomas-Symonds also attended a breakfast event with charities Anthony Nolan and Bloodwise to hear more about stem-cell donation and the need for greater awareness of blood cancer.

Mr Thomas-Symonds added: “It is vital that we support the invaluable work of charities like Team Margot, Anthony Nolan and Bloodwise to properly address the needs of blood cancer patients."

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