A PAIR of Pontypool women who lured an “extremely vulnerable” man with Asperger’s syndrome to a flat and attacked him with a meat cleaver have been jailed for seven years and four months each.

Emma Mansfield and Kaci Jackson, both of Bailey Crescent, Abersychan, were jailed at Cardiff Crown Court for conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm after admitting the attack, which took place early on Saturday, August 15 last year.

Jackson’s brother Nicholas Haskins, of no fixed abode, was also jailed for 15 months for committing actual bodily harm during his part in the attack, in which he hid in a cupboard and attacked the victim, 31-year-old Michael Telfer.

Prosecutor Michael Hammett told the court on Monday Jackson, also known as Leanne Haskins, had sent Mr Telfer a text message at about 1am on the August 15 claiming she could see the Devil and was afraid to be in her flat on her own.

Jackson, who suffers with fibromyalgia as well as a number of mental health issues, asked Mr Telfer to look in the bathroom, where Haskins – who he did not know was in the flat – jumped out a cupboard and punched him in the face twice.

“He was aggressive, shouting ‘don’t speak to my sister like that’,” he said.

“At this point someone was standing on the other side of the door holding it shut.”

Mr Hammett said after about five minutes Haskins, aged 24, calmed down, apologised and shook Mr Telfer’s hand and helped him treat his injuries, before leaving him alone in the flat with Jackson and Mansfield.

After he left, Mansfield, aged 24, threatened Mr Telfer with a six-inch knife, then with a 10-inch knife and then with a meat cleaver, which she used to cut him twice on the arm and once on the leg while Jackson ‘egged her on’.

Mr Telfer called the police, who arrived at about 3am and found Jackson and Mansfield nearby. Mr Telfer was taken to hospital where his wounds required stitches.

Judge Jonathan Furness said he had taken into account Jackson’s mental health problems as well as those of Haskins, who was said to have “a complicated psychiatric history” and Mansfield, who suffers with mild learning difficulties.

“This is a serious offence and has long term consequences for the complaint, particularly because of his vulnerability,” he said.

Speaking about Mr Telfer he added: “He feels unsafe in the community and unsure about making friends as his friendship has been abused.”

Along with the jail sentences all three were also handed a restraining order forbidding them from going onto the floor of the block of flats in which Mr Telfer lives.

Mansfield and Jackson were also ordered to pay a £120 surcharge while Haskins £100.

Mansfield also admitted breaching a community order she had been handed in April last year for shoplifting, but was not handed a separate punishment.