A GRADE II Listed building In Torfaen, described as an ‘eyesore’ after being left vacant and at the mercy of vandals for the past decade, is up for sale.

Blaenavon’s Ty Mawr, formerly known as The Beeches nursing home, has a guide price of £124,995, which includes the one and half acres of grounds.

Thieves have stolen roof tiles and ransacked the former ironmaster’s house of the all the valuable items from the property, while graffiti is on the inner and outer walls.

Blaenavon Town and Torfaen County Borough councils are limited in their power to prevent vandalism at Ty Mawr, as the property is privately owned.

“The council, both at borough and town level, cannot do anything about the situation because it is in private ownership. Our hands are tied,” said Cllr Alan Jones, of the Blaenavon ward.

“There’s a plaque on the outer wall of the property as this used to be the ironmaster’s house, belonging once to Samuel Hopkins and he’s buried in St Peter’s graveyard.

“It just adds another layer to how closely linked the building is to the town,” he added.

The building is located near to the town’s World Heritage centre as well as the Ironworks and Workmen’s Hall on Church Road.

In addition to being the former ironmaster’s house, Ty Mawr has operated as health centre before it was purchased and changed into a nursing.

“It’s a blot on the town at the moment,” said Blaenavon mayor, Cllr Gareth Davies, whose council has contributed a small amount of money to Ty Mawr in the past.

“It is a real shame to see this grand building deteriorate in such a way but we believe that this could be a jewel in the crown with the right investment. It could easily become a hotel, hostel or somewhere to hold weddings.

“We just hope that whoever buys it can turn it back into a viable part of our community,” the mayor added.

The property was put up for sale on Friday, February 5, and the councillors are sceptical that in its current state, a buyer will be found.

“For the size of the property, it is incredibly good value and I hope someone is willing to buy it,” said Cllr Jones.

“But it’s a magnet for trouble in its current state – anti-social behaviour is rife, forcing the council to put metal sheets over the doors and windows.

"However, vandals keep finding a way and I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve called the police about it.”