BLAENAU Gwent council will learn next week whether it can merge its Information and Communications Technology (ICT) services into the Shared Resource Service (SRS) used by Gwent Police and two other Gwent councils.

The SRS is the ICT provider created by the merger of ICT teams from Gwent Police, Monmouthshire council and Torfaen council in 2011.

Next week, special cabinet committees of Torfaen council and Monmouthshire council will vote on the matter.

They will be asked to approve reports recommending that Blaenau Gwent Council join the SRS as a partner from April, 2016.

The reports, which recommend the merger, would see Blaenau Gwent’s ICT staff, structures and systems merge into the SRS over several months in order to increase staff capacity, widen access to ICT expertise and enhance services.

The reports follow an external review of Blaenau Gwent’s ICT services in 2014 which highlighted a number of issues with the existing ICT strategy, resilience and structure. Blaenau Gwent councillors voted to join the SRS at its full council meeting held earlier this month.