SUPPORTERS of Welsh independence must learn from the example of campaigners in Scotland and the Spanish region of Catalonia, a new campaign group has said.

YesCymru, which was officially launched on Saturday, February 20, has said pro-independence people and groups must take a more direct role in politics if they are to achieve their goal.

Among those at the launch in Cardiff were former Plaid Cymru chairman John Dixon, who said people in Wales had become “too comfortable” with avoiding the question of Welsh independence.

“For too long, the case for Wales taking responsibility for its own future hasn’t even been put,” he said.

“It’s time for that case to be put before the people of Wales.”

YesCymru spokesman Iestyn ap Rhobert said: “Every generation we are told that Wales is too poor to be independent, but every generation under Westminster rule sees Wales getting relatively poorer.

“We encourage the people to be ambitious for Wales.

“If independence is good enough for Ireland or Denmark, it’s good enough for Wales.”

But he said he recognised independence would not be achieved overnight.

“Between 2009 and 2011 the Yes vote in Scotland was consistently polling at just over 25 per cent,” he said. “It is now nearing 50 per cent.

“There has never been an independence campaign in Wales and the case has never been made.

“We aim to rectify that.”