MORE than two thirds of respondents to a consultation into plans to introduce a 50p minimum unit price for alcohol in Wales were in favour of the plans.

The five month consultation into the Welsh Government proposal showed 68 per cent supported the idea, with many saying it would cut health problems from alcohol abuse, ease the burden on the NHS and society as a whole and cut anti-social behaviour.

But 20 per cent were against the plans, with many saying it would penalise responsible drinkers and those on low incomes and that better education and treatment programmes would be more effective.

Respondents also claimed the evidence in support of the idea was not convincing, that it would do little to improve public health and the extra cash would simply help prop up retailers.

The remaining 12 per cent said they neither supported the plans nor strongly objected to them.

The consultation received 194 responses and the full report is available at

AMs will consider the issue after May’s Assembly election.