AT Llanwern and Liberty, good sense and restraint kept the works alive. Sanjeev Gupta and Liberty workers brilliantly brought a dead Newport steelworks back to life. His plan to harness the vast wasted power of Newport's tidal Usk and Severn is practical, affordable and environmentally benign.

The Government are shamed. They were caught napping on the steel crisis. A sound manufacturing future must be built on foundations of steel.

* No anger greater than an honest taxpayer cheated by elite fiddlers. The Panama Papers Mafia of tax dodgers rob us all. Decent people accept that our public services must be financed through fair taxes.

We pay our dues. The over-rewarded, spoilt rich don’t. Government ignored pleas to crack down on tax-dodging countries that we support with our taxes. In 2012 and 2014 I reported Tory Lord Blencathra for lobbying for the Cayman Islands against Parliament's rules. He was found guilty but got away with a slap on the wrist.

Tax fiddling goes on with Tory Government's purring approval. They are all in it together.

* Look this gift horse carefully in the mouth. Gwent's Tory MP said the Severn Bridge toll can be cut to £1 in a few years. Great! Tory chancellor Osborne says he will reduce the toll by half in two years - to £3.30. Huh? That 'cut' is an 'increase'. Or just another Tory con?

* An ignored menace is deaths caused by air pollution from traffic. UK levels are illegal and kill 9,000 a year in London and 72 in Newport. The patch-and-prop gimcrack 'blue' route for the M4 will dump more pollution on urban Newport and make gridlock permanent. Only the 3 route solution will dispersed pollution and relieve traffic congestion.

* We have 500 steelworkers in Newport. That's a giant concern. We also have about 10,000 pensioners and deferred pensioners.

Steel pensions pump £millions into the Newport economy. Decades of contributions and hard work built up a £14 billion pension pot. A concerted unified campaign must be fought to defend jobs and pensions. They are vital ingredients in Newport's DNA.

* Another international institution OECD praises Welsh NHS. An ageing society brings strains. But in Wales we have escaped horrific scandals like Stafford & Southern England, mass privatisation and the anxiety of doctors’ strikes. The NHS was born in Tredegar, Gwent. We love it. We will cherish it.