SCRAPPING the proposed M4 relief road, building 12,000 new homes a year and providing free childcare to every child from birth are among the pledges on the Wales Green Party’s Assembly election manifesto.

The party is running candidates in every constituency in Gwent, except Blaenau Gwent, in next month’s election and officially launched its manifesto on Tuesday, April 12.

Using the slogan #ShakeuptheSenedd the manifesto includes commitments to provide 12,000 new homes in Wales every year – at least a third of which would be social housing – and prioritising renovating vacant buildings over building new ones.

The party has also said it would provide free childcare to every child from birth until they start school, scrap university tuition fees in Wales and throw out the M4 relief road project.

Other pledges include bringing forward by 20 years the Welsh Government’s target of generating all energy from renewable sources by 2050 as well as banning fracking, animal snares and puppy farms in Wales and increasing the number of AMs in the Senedd to at least 80.

In her introduction party leader Alice Hooker-Stroud said: “Wales has a rich history and we are a great country full of good people wanting to make safe, happy lives for those we love and who care for the world around us.

“There are many things to be proud of in Wales – our innovation, our spirit and our resolve.

“But we are not where we need to be and out current government seems intent on tearing out communities apart.”

The party has also said it would give 16 and 17-year-olds the vote, introduce legislation to protect public services and enforce 20mph speed limits in all residential areas.

Other commitments include “aiming towards” school class sizes of 20 and banning building new homes on flood plains as well as protecting allotments and providing more where possible.

Ms Hooker-Stroud said: “Strong Green voices in the Assembly will hold Welsh Government to account on the social and environmental issues that affect our communities and create a better future for Wales.”

Former party leader Pippa Bartolotti is contesting Newport West while Peter Varley is standing for Newport East.

Katy Beddoe is running for Islwyn while Andrew Creak is standing in Caerphilly along with Steve Jenkins in Torfaen and Chris Were in Monmouth.

The party has also named five candidates on its regional list for South Wales East, with Ms Bartolotti topping the list, followed by Mr Were and Ms Beddoe. Ann Were, who is not running for a regional seat, is fourth, while Mr Creak is fifth.