OVER 60 residents expressed concerns over a new housing development to Torfaen councillors last night at a public meeting in Talywain.

Abersychan ward councillors Wayne Tomlinson and Gwyneira Clark, who chaired the meeting on Tuesday, were told of 21 different issues about the proposal by anxious residents.

The meeting at Pisgah Baptist Church on Pisgah Road was over the proposal to build 40 homes on three acres of land with access to the main Albert Road.

Ms Katherine Lewis, 28, who lives on Albert Road, spoke passionately when she said: “I have a one-year old who suffers with breathing issues. We can’t take her out in the winter as she’s so fragile so were waiting for the summer, but if work starts then I won’t be able to take her out at all.

“There has been some recent building work nearby and the dust from one cement mixer has such a bad reaction, let alone a long development.

We have been lucky that builders there have been helpful and stop if I ask.”

Residents were split 50-50 between being against the proposals and those happy to see some development as long as their fears were addressed.

There was a consensus that if the proposal was kinder to the landscape, numbering fewer properties, then they could be more accommodating.

Mrs Jill Lord, also of Albert Road, said: “It’s mad that they want to put the entrance on a bend, its near enough blind there when a car or bus is coming round.”

Lasting for over two hours, concerns at the meeting included previous asbestos contamination on the land, drainage problems, parking and traffic, local school places and policing.

The application was put in by Mr Chris Steadman and his brother in November and there have been four previous refusals for planning applications on the site.

There is set to be a follow-up meeting with intent to set up an action group.