Turners Supply Chain Solutions have issued a statement about their HGV that became stuck in country lane in Henllys, near Cwmbran this morning.

Managing director Paul Day, stated the vehicle was making frozen food deliveries to Brown Bear Foods in Cwmbran heading towards Llantarnam Park Industrial Estate on the A4042.

He explained that after being alerted to a road closure along Newport Road, the driver made the “error” of entering Pentre Lane with the aim of turning around on the side road.

“Obviously he didn’t have that opportunity and ended up getting completely stuck as seen in the photographs,” Mr Day said.

He added: “We have checked with Brown Bear Foods and they confirm the road closure and that it was due to housing development building project.

“We can only apologise to the local residents, this was a genuine error by our driver.

“We will formally interview the driver on his return but at this stage we have stated the situation as he explained over the phone.”

UPDATE: 3.39pm

The lorry was winched from the lane by Lanes Recovery of Abergavenny at around 10.30am this morning.

A spokeswoman said: “We have a large recovery fleet and we attended this morning with an ex-Army Bedford 4X4.

“It’s small enough to fit down the lane but powerful enough to winch a 44-tonne lorry free.”

She added: “This is the second time this has happened on this lane in the last few months.”

UPDATE: 12pm

A LORRY blocked a road in Cwmbran this morning after attempting to navigate a narrow country lane.

The HGV set off down Pentre Lane, Henllys, navigating over a mile and a half of twists and sharp bends before becoming wedged against the banks at the final stretch.

The lane sits between the Three Blackbirds Inn and Castell-y-Bwlch pub and has signage at both entrances warning the road is not suitable for HGV vehicles.

Nigel Pugh Larry,63, lives off the lane at Duffryn Cottage and witnessed the blunder at 8am this morning, stating the lorry was taken by a break down company at 10.30am.

He said: “This has been a problem in the past and when the lorries get wedged they actually damage the bank.

“I would hope that Torfaen Council will actually charge the company for the damage they have caused.”

The lorry belongs to Suffolk-based company Turners Supply Chain Solutions who are currently looking into the incident.

Mr Larry has stated the lane has a history of lorries becoming stuck, ranging from a trapped HGV in May last year to another incident where the contents of a lorry spilled onto the lane.

He added: “This happened on refuse collection day which means that the waste vehicles couldn’t actually access the lane to do their pickups today.

“The driver had to navigate some nasty bends to end up there.”

Torfaen council have been contacted for comment.