COUNCILLORS and residents from the Blackwood area are opposing plans that could lead to hundreds of new houses being built on greenfield sites.

Residents from Oakdale, Blackwood and Penmaen gathered outside the fields of Penycoed Fawr Farm, Bedwellty, which is listed on Caerphilly council’s deposit replacement local development plan (LDP).

The greenfield site, which could accommodate thousands of houses, is a major concern for residents, alongside Oakdale Golf Course and Woodfield Park Lane LDP sites.

As part of a campaign against greenfield development, Cllr Nigel Dix, of Blackwood ward, plans to present a Grove Park residents petition to Caerphilly council on Tuesday, April 19.

Mr Dix explained: “I and my colleagues do not support the inclusion of Penycoed Fawr Farm in the draft LDP as we believe it is essential to protect our environment and habits.

“The Welsh Assembly have decided that Caerphilly has to find land for twelve thousand new homes, while failing to provide incentives to encourage development in the north of the borough, where development is needed for regeneration.”

He added: “This failure puts unacceptable pressure on green field sites in already over developed towns such as Blackwood, Oakdale and Newbridge where land values are higher and profits can be made.”

Around 20 frustrated residents gathered at the protest, with increased traffic, limited public services and loss of natural habitats among their major concerns.

Ken Powe, 63, has lived in Oakdale for 39 years and stated there was a “strength of feeling” among residents against the proposals.

Lyndon Williams, 62, of Grove Park said: “I live 10 yards from the development and didn’t know about it until recently. If it goes ahead things are never going to be the same.”

As a representative of Grove Park residents, Mr Williams outlined visual impact, conservation and building houses near existing pylons as major oppositions.

Sheila Jones, 67, of Grove Park was also concerned about the wildlife that exists on the site including roosting bats.

Penmaen councillor Roy Saralis brought 300 letters of objection to the protest and estimated that at least 400 residents from Oakdale, Penmaen and Blackwood have signed a petition opposing the inclusion of the three sites in the LDP.

He said: “I took part in a door knocking campaign and visited libraries to tell people but most of the people I spoke to have already submitted letters."

“There has been more of a response from Oakdale alone than there has been from the entirety of the borough in the last LDP,” he added.

The three sites will be considered by CCBC when the LDP public consultation ends on Friday, April 22 and residents are encouraged to make their voices heard by registering objections.

Further information on the LDP and its consultation can be found at