In celebration of UK Coffee Week we asked you what your favourite place was to grab a cup of coffee.

With the help of Argus readers on our website and across social media we have compiled a list of some of the best coffee shops in Newport and surrounding areas.

From cortados to Premios, carrot cakes to 'freakshakes', this list goes to show that Newport has a great variety of options from independent and small local chain coffee shops.

1. The Café at Ridgeway. Ridgeway, Newport.

South Wales Argus: cafe at ridgeway

‘Seriously good coffee with seriously good views’ – the best of both worlds?

A popular choice amongst readers, the Café at Ridgeway gives great views upon their perch at Allt-yr-yn of the Severn River on one side, and the Valleys on the other.

The coffee isn’t bad either, with each of the drinks on their made with the finest quality of beans – coffee arabica.

While offering the typical delights found in a coffee shop, including the fashionable flat white coffees complete with a generous two shots of high quality espresso.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, owner Bethan Barnfield is keen to entice you with a cortado – a combination of warm milk and espresso – as well as homemade food.

2. Parc Pantry. Larch Grove and Belle Vue Pavilion, Newport.

Parc Pantry are a coffee shop that always looks to stay up-to-date with what’s big in the coffee scene.

Owner Matt Ellis said: “We always try to follow the trends and offer our customers unique products to try.”

While customers can select from a fixed menu, the shop are constantly looking to feature unique specialty coffees every week.

For those thinking of making a chance from coffee, Parc Pantry’s take on the popular trend ‘freakshakes’ may appeal to you.

The shop recently had success with a Cadbury crème egg creation and are soon to debut a salted caramel pretzel shakes.

3. The Secret Garden Café. Charles Street, Newport.

South Wales Argus: newport cofee secret garden

If you fancy more than just a coffee, exotically named Secret Garden has you covered.

When you step through the doors you will find that everything on the menu boards has been made from scratch.

“As an independent shop we always look to use local markets for our produce,” admits owner Michelle Smith.

If you fancy more than just a coffee, a particular Welsh dish has proven to be quite a hit with regulars - a completely home-made Welsh rarebit special, with a traditional sauce made of beer, cheese and mustard.

4. Coffee Thirst. Commercial St, Newport

South Wales Argus: coffe thirst waffle

Another popular choice amongst readers, Coffee Thirst has the luxury of having a selection of fine coffees from around the world as well as being Newport's only waffle house.

Customers are in full control of what goes on their waffle, from the ice-cream to any additional toppings such as M&Ms or sweet sauces.

A variety of hot drinks is further supplemented by an array of food and dessert option, with the shop claiming to be Newport’s ‘one and only waffle house’.

With opening hours stretching right up until 9pm, coffeeholics can grab a drink whatever time of day.

5. Cedar’s Café. Skinner Street, Newport.

South Wales Argus: cedars coffee

This independent coffee shop ensures that it caters for all kinds of tastes with specialty coffees complimented by bistro-style home-made food.

Owner Josephine Roberts ensures that the “sizeable” vegan population in Newport will also find a selection of vegan drinks and treats.

All of Cedar’s coffee is sourced from local suppliers, with their beans coming from Ferrari’s in Bridgend, the oldest coffee roasting company in Wales

With the weather getting warmer, one of Cedar’s ‘ice cream coffees’ may be an appropriate choice going forward.

6. HiCoffee. Newport train station.

South Wales Argus: newport coffee hicoffee

If you're about to leave the city, or know you're coming back on the train, why not stop into HiCoffee?

The local chain, which has stores at Newport, Neath and Port Talbot Parkway stations, has a unique and exclusive brand of espresso called a Premio, with a unique taste that you apparently will not find anywhere else.

They also use their own roaster based in the Scottish boarders, believing that their exclusively licensed beans is key to their success to date.

For those not commuting, HiCoffee are planning to open their first express shop in Newport along the Riverside later this year.

7. Bar Piazza. John Frost Square and Caerleon High Street.

South Wales Argus: Marc Attorre owner of the Bar Piazza, Caerleon

If you are looking for an authentic continental coffee experience then this small slice of Italy may be your best bet.

The menu has the usual classics, your cappuccinos and your lattes, all made fresh alongside home-made delicacies such as cakes and brownies.

The shop in John Frost’s Square has been a long-standing member of Newport’s coffee scene, having first opened 17 years ago.

Such critical success led the family-ran business to open a second shop in Caerleon, with both shops receiving almost unanimously positive reviews online.

8. The Pot Café. Newport Arcade, Newport.

South Wales Argus: A cafe latte and carrot cake at the Pot Coffee  in Newport Arcade.

For those looking for a service with a smile – and a sing-song! – then this may be the spot for you.

Staff can be heard crooning in the kitchen as they make your coffee and traditional breakfast, while also offering a variety of homemade treats throughout the day.

The café’s owner Angela Roberts also holds particular praise for the Pot’s carrot cake – but she needs second opinions!

Mrs Roberts said: “We’re a really friendly bunch, we love everybody!”