RESIDENTS in a Monmouthshire village are becoming increasingly frustrated about HGV drivers getting stuck in country lanes in the area.

Over the last few months, residents of Gwehelog Fawr say there have been numerous occasions where the large vehicles have encountered difficulty while travelling the narrow roads.

Problems with HGVs have been been widely reported in Monmouthshire for some years, with Usk and Abergavenny suffering particularly.

In February, a HGV overturned and completely obstructed a country lane in Trostrey, causing damage to several properties along the road.

A sign is present at the Bettws Newydd end of the lane, but there is no appropriate signage in Trostrey itself.

One has now been agreed by Monmouthshire County Council to be included in their budget for the next financial year however.

But some residents feel that there should be HGV driver-specific signs on all unsuitable lanes across the area.

"We've been fighting for better signage for some time," said Simon Carbury, chairman of Gwehelog Fawr community council.

“The HGV drivers should have more sense before turning down these lanes.

“We have a lot of children in the area, as well as cyclists and dog walkers, who use them. What if someone gets hurt next time?"

According to resident Jane Smith, one of her neighbours has had to replace an entire section of fencing after the most recent incident.

Mrs Smith said: "We have about two lorries a week trying to go through to the Llancayo trading estate.

“I always try and stop them but I wasn’t there when this incident happened.

"He should have stopped at the top of the hill."

Monmouthshire County Council's traffic and network manager Paul Keeble said that if evidence of regular use of the lanes by HGVs is provided, the council would consider providing additional signs in other areas.

"The council is unable to provide such signs for every thoroughfare in this category and I’m sure communities would not wish a proliferation of signage in rural areas,” he added

In 2014, Usk Town Council proposed plans to ban HGVs weighing more than 7.5 tonnes from using the A472.

Elsewhere, Blaenavon Road in Govilon is also said to have become a hotspot for HGVs, despite the route having a restricted weight limit.

Llanwenarth Ultra councillor Kevin Williams said: "Many of these drivers are just following their sat-navs. We get about five or six HGVs using this road a day.

"We've done as much as we can. I've asked people to monitor the road but it's different drivers every time."