A NEWPORT grandmother who is still working full time more than six decades after her first job has celebrated her 80th birthday.

Despite many of her contemporaries retiring decades ago, octogenerian Anita Macklin still works five days a week as a typist at Convey Law in Newport.

The grandmother-of-three, who also has three step great grandchildren, has been working since 1953 when she was just 17, spanning a career of 63 years.

The only break from work was when she went part-time for three years after having her son.

Ms Macklin, originally from Abertillery, has worked for Convey Law’s typing pool for 14 years. She previously worked as a typist at a number of different firms including British Steel.

Ms Macklin said she finds work at Convey “far more interesting” than the prospect of retirement.

She said: “I live on my own and I enjoy the company. The kids here keep me young – lots of my colleagues are the same age or even younger than my grandchildren so it keeps me up-to-date.

“Sometimes people ask me why I’m still working, but I think my day is more interesting than being in the house watching telly and going for coffee, I would just find that boring.

“I tried dropping my hours to part-time a couple of years ago but I didn’t like it. I still find time to go to theatre and see my family outside of work.”

She added: “I’ve always just got on with it – I’m not a believer in headaches and colds, I just get up and get out.”

For her 80th birthday, Ms Macklin was presented with flowers by 18-year-old Sam Jones who is the company’s youngest employee.

Sam, from Blackwood, said: “The job with Convey Law was a good opportunity. I’m enjoying it and learning lots.

“I can’t think about what I will be doing at 80 though; I’m still figuring out exactly what I want out of my career!”

Managing director of the company, Lloyd Davies, said: “Anita – what a star. It is a really exceptional achievement to still be working at 80 as she is.

“Age is certainly no barrier to working here, from school leavers upwards; we pride ourselves on being a rewarding company to work for.”