THE leader of the new Ukip group in the Welsh Assembly has come under fire after using his first-ever speech in the Senedd to brand two of Wales' most senior female politicians "political concubines".

Former Tory MP Neil Hamilton, who was elected as Mid and West Wales AM earlier this month and later appointed leader of Ukip’s seven-strong group in the Assembly, made the comments during his maiden speech in the Senedd today.

He used his speech to criticise Plaid Cymru leader Leanne Wood and sole Liberal Democrat AM Kirsty Williams for their part in allowing First Minister Carwyn Jones to be re-appointed to the role.

“She (Ms Wood) betrayed the interests of the voters who put her where she is and did the opposite of what they wanted," he said.

“I’m afraid these two ladies have just made themselves political concubines in Carwyn’s harem.

"What a gruesome prospect that must be.”

The vote for the new First Minister was tied last week at 29 each for Mr Jones and Ms Wood, with Ms Williams siding with Labour.

But today Plaid withdrew Ms Wood's nomination following talks with Labour.

And, echoing controversial remarks made by former Labour AM Leighton Andrews which led to the blocking of the Public Health Bill, Mr Hamilton added: “Leanne Wood has proved to be very cheap date indeed.”

He also branded Mr Jones "impotent" and accused Plaid of being "bigoted" towards Ukip.

Writing on Twitter this afternoon Ms Wood said: “There’s no place for sexism in our National Assembly. Not prepared to accept racism or homophobia either. Be warned.”

And Ms Williams called his comments “blatant sexist language”.

The former Conservative MP for Tatton, who lost his seat in 1997 after becoming embroiled in the 'cash for questions' affair, has since refused to apologise for his comments and was trending on Twitter soon after making the remarks, with an overwhelming condemnation of his words.

Guardian journalist Elena Cresci called the Ukip AM “absolutely disgusting” while writer and RAF veteran Harry Leslie Smith branded him “the crass little man of politics”.

Meanwhile Plaid AM Simon Thomas said: "An ugly sexualised attack on women AMs marks Ukip's first contribution to the Assembly. Everyone else must stay above such gutters."

And Cwmbran baker and blogger Bill King tweeted: "Surely Neil Hamilton should be charged with outraging public decency after his outrageous, sexist attack on Leanne Wood and Kirsty Williams."

And Mr Jones' wife Lisa Eire was concerned with another matter, tweeting: "I want to know more about #CarwynsHareem..."