Hands-off our road!

The Southern Distributor Road (SDR) was built after much heart-searching. Its cost - paid by Newportonians. I recall a meeting with former Council Leader Sir Harry Jones and others on whether the SDR’s price was justified. We agreed. It was the only solution to Newport’s internal traffic crisis.

It worked. Congestion eased. Now it's used to capacity at peak times. The ridiculous Blue Route will destroy the SDR's role as a distributor. The M4's problem will be dumped on Newport. Access to the SDR will be denied to Newport traffic by roundabout separations. Daily gridlock is certain. Blue Routers believe the SDR is an empty unused road.

Political games wrecked the M4 by-pass plan in 2009. Everyone trapped in our maddening deteriorating traffic jams will know who to blame if Newport traffic continues to be paralysed by dither and delay.

A minor industrial miracle is happening.

After decades of crippling industrial decline, Liberty Steel brought the dead Alpha Steel back to life. The same is planned for Tredegar tube works as Sanjeev Gupta continues to revive abandoned firms.

He also made a serious bid to rescue Port Talbot that the Government planned to write off a few months ago. They were caught napping and embarrassed. The ferocious Save our Steel campaign shook them out of their complacency.

It’s a mystery why Government has been seduced by the myth that the UK’s industrial future should be gifted to subsidised, nationalised Chinese and French firms while UK industry crumbles denied Government help.

Continued intelligent co-operation between the entrepreneurs and the workforce can achieve a renaissance of UK manufacturing industry. Faith. enterprise and confidence will do that.

On the EU, I am a reluctant inner. There is a lot wrong with the EU.

Newport has had a raw deal taking an unfairly large share of migrants while other areas have none. But the money Gwent gets back from the EU is far more than we put in.

Brexit could give our economy a heart attack of lost jobs and income. Vote Remain

Newport. New leaders. New teamwork.

Congratulations to Jayne Bryant, Debbie Wilcox and Jeff Cuthbert for their elections with thumping majorities.

All of us have the best interests of local people as our prime responsibility.

MPs, AMs, Council Leaders and the new Police and Crime Commissioner will cooperate closely. We all know and trust each other. Future bright.