A GWENT man has spoken of his concern after seeing a naked rambler on a Gwent hillside.

Alan Webb, who lives in Cwmbran, said he has spotted a naked man on Machen Mountain for the past three Sundays after walking with his partner at around 6am.

Gwent Police have said as they were alerted to the incident a day afterwards, they could not do anything about the rambler.

Mr Webb said the man appears to be going out for a walk or run, but he is worried after spotting him several times, with the man seeming to become more confident.

“I don’t think it is right.

“You hear about these things that progress to more serious matters.

“He just seems to be getting more daring every time we see him.”

The first time Mr Webb and his partner spotted the man, he said he was running towards the couple but turned back, but each Sunday he has apparently come closer to them.

“On the third time he walked right past us and smiled.

“He genuinely isn’t expecting anyone to be there,” said Mr Webb.

“Whether he is just getting a thrill out of it I don’t know,” he added.

Offences for someone being naked in public can range from indecent exposure to a public-order crime.