A Brookes Avana spokesman said: "We are keen to continue talks with colleagues so that we can reach a satisfactory outcome for all parties. 

"We had hoped that industrial action could be avoided while talks are ongoing, however we have put contingency plans in place to ensure production remains unaffected during strike action. 

"Our number one priority is securing a better future for everyone at the site."


UP to 100 workers at a Newport food factory have threatened to go on strike next week over working conditions and proposed wage increases in line with the national living wage.

More than half of the 800 shop floor workers at RF Brookes in Rogerstone could go on all-out strike on Thursday and Friday, the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union has confirmed.

The union says the action is over proposed changes in workers’ terms and conditions, including removing a night-shift allowance, having to work more bank holidays and introducing lower overtime rates.

A proposal to increase the lowest hourly rate in line with the UK government’s national living wage for over 25s has not gone down well, according to the union.

John James, the union's organising regional secretary, says a 26-year-old living with his or her parents will be on £7.20 an hour but a 24-year-old father-of-two would still be on £6.70 an hour.

He says the 420 union members at the factory want the same rate for the job, “whether you’re 17 or 18 or 80” ahead of a £9 national living wage for under-25s being introduced by 2020.

He said: “No one wants to lose money but what the company is proposing, some people are going to lose 25 per cent of their wages. They’re struggling now – how will they manage then?

“We know well they’ve got to pay nine pound an hour by 2020.

“They’re trying to take all terms and conditions off them so they’re all on the national living wage. They’re trying to do too much too soon.”

Mr James added that he was “hopeful” a resolution could be reached before the strike but said the factory were “not playing ball”.

A spokesman for the 2 Sisters Food Group has been contacted for a comment.