THE Caerleon Civic Society group have written an open letter to Cadw to request they re-appraise the main building of Caerleon campus and grant it listed status.

The main building, which is more than 100-years-old, is facing being demolished if a 'economically viable' solution is not found. The 32-acre site will be vacated by the University of South Wales on July 31.

Residents expressed their anger at the public meeting held in April at proposals which could see up to 400 homes developed on the site. An online petition calling on Cadw, the body that looks after historic monuments and buildings in Wales, to give the iconic building a Grade II-Listing to save it from demolition has reached 4,966 supporters.

Now, the Caerleon Civic Society has written to Cadw asking them to re-assess the building as it had previously been rejected for listed status because of its modern additions.

In the letter the Caerleon Civic Society said the building is a 'historic land-mark and is synonymous with present-day Caerleon.'

They said: "Commenced in 1912, so just out of the Edwardian era, the building is one of very few major buildings in Wales from that period: that there are two other similar places, in the view of Cadw, both in places well away from Caerleon, does not reduce the national historic importance of the building: Cadw is happy to record every Roman building of significance.

"The building is of significance within its context of a number of fine residences (presently offices) all built of the same local stone, so highly characteristic of Caerleon. Additionally the building is of a piece with its formal gardens- another period feature."

The society say it is their view that “modern additions”to the building can be easily removed without any compromising effect on the main building.

A University of South Wales spokesman said: “Whether the old college building is listed or not, we want to explore if there’s a viable alternative use for it. We hope it can find a use in the future, because it would be a real shame if it were left derelict. That’s a decision in the context of the planning process and the university’s legal obligation to get best value so that we can develop in the Newport city centre for future students.

"Listing isn’t up to the university: it’s a matter for Cadw whether the main building is listed. All we would expect is that they would apply the criteria objectively and consistently, noting that they have declined to list it a number of times.”

An outline planning application for the site is expected to be made later this year.

Cadw have been contacted for a comment.