MEET the Newport teenager who has been crowned the Argus’ very own prom queen.

Teagan Leigh McCoy, who goes to Llanwern High School, was nominated by her mum for being a “beautiful and caring young lady” determined to work hard at school.

The Argus launched its prom queen competition at the start of the month, and told Teagan the good news that she had won at the weekend.

She wins a summer berry afternoon tea for two at the five-star Celtic Manor Resort, plus a £25 gift card for a cut and blow dry and Mizz Congeniality Prom and Pageant hair and beauty salon in Cwmbran.

Teagan’s mum Leanne Taylor, 42, said: “Myself, Teagan and her siblings didn't have an easy start to life, in fact it was a very difficult time in her young childhood.

“But she managed to not let this affect her.

"Instead she knows exactly what she wants from life to be hard working and successful.

“The last year she has been determined to knuckle down in school and get the grades she needs to get to teach children in early years.

“Everything she does in her life, she always considers others before herself.”

Teagan, who will be going to her prom at Llanwern on July 1, said: “I was pleased. I knew she was doing it and thought it was nice but didn’t expect it and I didn’t think I would win.

“When I found out I had won I was really happy as I didn’t really think I stood a chance.

“My mum brought me up, basically she did it all on her own but then we moved down to Newport and she met my step dad. I’m really proud of her.”

Her mum added: “Teagan wants to give me something back for ?the guts and courage I gave as a single parent, and escaping the situation we were in many years back.

“But she doesn't realise she has given me more than enough back by being the beautiful caring young lady she has become. So proud of her.”

Gillian Taylor, Teagan’s grandmother, said: “I’m very proud of her. She’s grown up to be a nice, responsible young lady.

“The school have nominated some students for awards and Teagan was given most outstanding improved pupil of her year.

“So she’s worked really hard, she’s realised you need to get your education sorted before you can get the things in life you need.

“She wasn’t always the perfect pupil but she realised that and distanced herself from people who weren’t interested in learning.”