THE leader of Newport council has pledged to ensure that "not one single person" is made to feel unsafe due to post-Brexit hate crime in the city.

Speaking about the reported rise in xenophobic hate crime following the Brexit vote, councillor Debbie Wilcox said the referendum has brought out some of the "worst of human nature” but she was determined to keep Newport united.

Her comments come after reports of an increase in hate crime in the days following last week’s vote for Britain to leave the EU.

Migrants across the country have reported experiencing a barrage of xenophobic abuse, leading the First Minister Carwyn Jones on Thursday to pledge he will stamp out racism in Wales.

In a statement released yesterday, cllr Wilcox -who was elected leader in May - said it has become clear that no-one, including the leaders of the Leave campaign, knows what will happen next.

She said: “This has and will continue to create uncertainty and even anger over the next months and years.”

The Labour council leader said Newport will continue to deliver and improve services for residents, push forward with the regeneration of the city centre and build new schools.

“Newport is a great city and sometimes we forget that,” she said. “It is a vibrant and thriving place with a rich heritage and history and a fantastic future.

“However, it is all those things because we Newportonians get along. Whatever our backgrounds. Whatever our race. Whatever our faith.

“It is often the very differences of our culture and background that draws us together. It is a wonderful thing about our home.”

She said: “There are many people across the country who now feel more vulnerable, less safe and less part of our communities than they did a week ago.

“As leader of the council I am determined that not one single person is made to feel this way in Newport. We are better than that.”

She said the city will stand together to support the vulnerable, welcome those who are isolated and protect people who are intimidated and abused.

“And we absolutely will not tolerate or ignore any act that threatens to undermine this,” she said.

Cllr Wilcox said the council will be working with Gwent Police, third sector partners and community leaders to ensure the city “not only endures but thrives”.

She added: “Whatever you voted, however you now feel about the result, the only way we will get through what comes next is by supporting each other.

“Our football team’s moto sums up how we must approach the uncertain times ahead. Together. Stronger.”