DISGRUNTLED workers from a Rogerstone food factory joined the picket lines again today to oppose changes to their terms and conditions.

Around 30 protestors gathered at RF Brookes with signs and placards in the second demonstration organised by the Bakers Food and Allied Workers Union (BFAWU).

While the first protest last month saw protestors stopping lorries entering the site and around one hundred in attendance, many of those former protestors have now returned to work.

The main grievance of workers stems from a contract change, which includes removing night shift allowance, working more bank holidays and lower overtime rates.

Regional secretary of the BFAWU, John James, said: “77 per cent of people at RF Brookes have signed on the dotted line and accepted these terms and conditions.

“But we have a strong commitment from a few people in key areas and are more determined to succeed.”

Chef Neil Thomas, 44, of Blackwood, works in the low care kitchens and believes that as a result of the strike, the factory has fallen behind on production, jeopardising contracts with suppliers.

“I’m a salaried member of staff and they want me to work 24 extra shifts a year and haven’t offered us anything extra to do it [...] that’s £4,000 a year and I’m not prepared to swallow the loss,” he said.

“You know what they say. Don’t screw your workers or they will screw you further.”

New terms and conditions were accepted by RF Brookes union officials to members following the June 2 protest but this was overturned at an off-site union branch meeting, with 90 per cent of members refusing the conditions.

A letter addressed to workers on July 13, states that workers can accept their new terms and conditions by Thursday August 28.

Risca cleaner, Dai Mort, 48, added that if a new offer isn’t presented, “more protests will happen in future”.

A Brookes Avana spokesman said: “We are very disappointed a small number of colleagues have chosen to strike today.

“Our latest proposals were in fact accepted and due to be recommended by RF Brooks union officials to members, but unfortunately this was voted against at an off-site union branch meeting earlier this week."

He added:"As of today, 77% of the total workforce have signed new contracts."