IT'S certainly been a busy few weeks for us in Parliament, although the tragic events in Nice on Thursday really put things in perspective for me.

People of all ages celebrating Bastille Day were cruelly killed by someone with no respect for human life.

My thoughts, prayers and solidarity go to the people of France as they mourn.

It is only a few short weeks since one of our own, Jo Cox MP, lost her life.

Jo was a real force of nature and a wonderful MP, and her death affected us all.

I know how much the public reaction at her funeral on Friday meant to her young family - members of the public lined the streets to pay their respects.

Thanks to Torfaen council for enabling me to pay tribute to Jo at the last council meeting - we also held a short service, as reported in The Argus.

I have attended some excellent local events this month commemorating the Battle of the Somme.

It is important that we pay our respects to the many Torfaen men who were killed 100 years ago, so that their sacrifices are not forgotten.

Thank you to all the local people who have been involved in organising these events.

Back in Parliament, MPs have been busy reacting to the EU referendum result, as the UK voted to leave.

I fully respect the decision of the people of our country, and the views of all people in Torfaen.

What is important now is that we all do our very best to secure the best possible deal, so that local jobs are not lost.

Pro-Brexit politicians should be held to account for the promises they made, as some of them seem to have forgotten what they told people already.

I have raised issues this week in Parliament including pressing for action to protect the steel industry.

I put the case that more should be done to ensure that UK projects use UK steel.

I also raised issues around early years learning, and have pressed the UK Government to ensure that projects such as the South Wales Metro can still go ahead in light of our exit from the EU.

I was delighted to hear that my Torfaen colleague Lynne Neagle AM was elected as chair of the Children, Young People and Education Committee.

Lynne will do a great job - our young people could not wish to have a more committed and tireless advocate.

Two things perhaps gave me more pleasure than anything this week though.

Firstly, being asked to give the Speaker’s Lecture on Michael Foot.

And secondly, tabling a motion congratulating the Wales football team on their fantastic success at Euro 2016.

They did us proud, as I’ve been happily reminding my English counterparts in Parliament.