FRANCE and Germany are reeling after a series of terrorist atrocities. It can only be a matter of time before Britain is attacked. Two things have helped to fuel this.

We have allowed mass illegal migration into Europe from countries with a culture of violent religious intolerance and we have failed to insist that those who come to Europe adopt our cultural values. We are frightened of saying that our values, which promote equality for women, gay people and all religions, are somehow superior to the cultural values of those who believe women must be covered up at all times and gay men should be thrown into prison - or worse.

My own view is that European countries ought to be working together to stop further illegal migration from Africa and the Middle East. Illegal migrants should be returned to well-run refugee centres based in Africa and the Middle East if their own countries are at war. Allowing people to stay in Europe simply creates an incentive for others to follow.

One of the main reasons I voted to leave the European Union was because of the need to get back control over our borders and welfare system. It is wrong that someone can enter Britain from another EU country and have exactly the same rights to get a council house or claim benefits as someone who was born here.

However, this should not be seen as an attack on the millions of EU citizens who already live and work in the UK. My wife is Hungarian and I have many friends from Poland. Their contribution to the UK is not in doubt and nor is their future.

The French appear to have decided to do something about the problem of illegal migration by implementing strict border checks on UK holiday makers, leading to hours of tailbacks across Kent.

Anyone wanting to avoid these delays could consider holidaying in the British Isles. Wales has surfing, mountain biking, climbing and a whole range of other exciting things to do. This week, Abergavenny is hosting the National Eisteddfod of Wales. It is not just for Welsh-speakers but for anyone who wants to celebrate Welsh language and culture. Hopefully it will get a lot of support from Monmouthshire and the local area. We live in a beautiful part of the world but sometimes we forget what is on our own doorstep.