HIT TV series Doctor Who has been filming in Newport again today.

The famous blue police box appeared on Fields Park Avenue, prompting several fans nearby and others from across the country to head to the road.

In between shots Peter Capaldi, the actor who plays the starring role, came out to meet star-struck fans and several small children.

Mr Capaldi said of filming in Newport: "It seems a very nice and pleasant place to film. It's a little bit more relaxed but that depends on how popular you are.

"Filming has been good and I hope that these fans have had a great time seeing us today."

Most of the fans had come from nearby but several had travelled from afar, including a family from Lincolnshire.

Jessica Tan, 29, from Ponthir, said: "I saw a tweet about it after work and just had to pop down. It's amazing that not only are they filmiong outside of Cardiff but for them to be filming in a little side street is unbelievable.

"I didn't know they used locations around here before."

While filming was taking place at Fields House, which has previously been used in an episode called Blink, crew and cast have set up base at Bassaleg School.

Mike Pobjoy, 49, from Bassaleg, popped along with his daughter and said: "It was good of Peter to come out and greet us, the crew have also been nice enough. Before we went to see Matt Smith filming and were standing for four hours in the cold and not one came out."

Daughter Lottie, 14, added: "It's good because it's something you know and you will see it and then relate to the location used." 

A number of locations in Newport, including Belle Vue Park and Duffryn High School, have been used for previous series of Doctor Who.

Mushroom Deaton travelled with her husband and two sons from Heighington, Lincolnshire, and said: "We saw them filming in Cardiff and at Caerphilly Castle, but this has been really amazing, its a beautiful house to use.

"We have been in Wales all week as my eldest has an itinery of filming spots we are going to."

One visiting fan, Sandra Franklin, had even moved to Wales a few years ago and was impressed of their choice of location.

She said: "I came after work and I love it when they use old locations like this, you can imagine it in the show and it makes it seem real.

"They could just green screen it but it wouldn't be the same and as a fan, you would know, so its great to see them out on set."