A NEWPORT Tesco superstore is aiming to raise awareness of autism when a member of staff will be locked in a glass box for 50 hours.

The Tesco Extra in Newport Retail Park in Spytty is working with autism awareness charity Caudwell Children to help share information about the condition.

A member of staff from the store will voluntarily step in to be locked in a three metre by two metre glass box for 50 hours, with just a tent and a sleeping bag.

The glass box is meant to be a metaphor for the condition, and symbolises the difficulties in communicating, being stared at and a sense of feeling trapped that is often felt by those with autism.

The person locked in the box will get a few minutes out every few hours for toilet breaks.

Tesco Spytty’s community champion Victoria Gallagher said that even though the national supermarket chain is raising money for their chosen 2016 charities The British Heart Foundation and Diabetes UK, the Locked In for Autism event is something she couldn’t turn down.

She said: “It’s showing how it is to live with autism and it’s such an unusual concept.

“I was expecting it to be me who would be the one going in the box for 50 hours but there’s been lots of staff members requesting to take part so I think I’m going to have to pick a name out of the hat.

“There isn’t a set amount of money to be raised but I think the event is more about creating awareness than anything else.”

The lock in event, which will take place on Thursday September 29 will last until Saturday, October 1.

Members of the public will be able to go and see the lock in across the days, as well as speak to volunteers from Caudwell Children about autism and the support families can receive if they have family members with the condition.