A NEWPORT business pairing has created a new digital platform which they say will “bring life back to the wholesale fashion industry”.

Daniel O’Connell and Jennifer Drury are behind BrandLab, a software system seeking to connect big brands with buyers from across the world, by live streaming fashion shows and providing buying options.

Mr O’Connell said the new venture will help companies judge the latest trends, while allowing brands to showcase their products to thousands of potential buyers.

The founder of the former Life Music Foundation, who said he sensed a radical change of the wholesale fashion market was necessary whilst working in Los Angeles, added: “With the consistent decline in attendance at whole sale trade shows, and the lack of an agile business-to-business ordering solution, BrandLab is set to bring life back to the wholesale fashion industry.

“The fashion business offers challenges like no other, and launching a successful software product into that industry means a high level of diligence, pinpoint alignment and a collaborative approach to strategy and problem solving.

“The architecture of our software is unique and the scalability of the product means that we have a real opportunity to become a global player very quickly.”

The software was developed from scratch over 18 months by Mr O’Connell and his business partner Jennifer Drury. Irish retail tycoon Michael Heffernan joined them more recently.

“I am proud that Jen and I have created something in Newport, under difficult circumstances, that is geared for international success,” Mr O’Connell said.

Brand Lab chief executive Miss Drury said: “Brand Lab is a unique, world class software platform based on some of the most powerful systems in the world.

“It’s extremely difficult to launch a tech product successfully in any sector, but the innovation and unique functionality has meant that we have already been approached by a FTSE 250 company who wish to enter discussions to purchase our company.”

The business has already created over 25 jobs in Newport, and is said to be on course to employ another 20 people over the coming six months.

To find out more about BrandLab, visit brandlabfashion.com