AS conference season gets set to get under way, the time back in Parliament after recess has done nothing to make the result of Brexit any clearer.

Theresa May and her team have been struggling to deal with a manifesto they did not create and have wildly different opinions on.

There has been heavy scrutiny from all sides on this issue yet all we have seen is how undeliverable many of the Leave campaign promises really were.

As someone who campaigned to Remain, my major concern was for areas like Gwent to still get vital EU funding.

The EU provided extra support that ensured many important infrastructure projects like the new improved heads of the valley road became possible.

Now we are left with an uncertain future. I’ve already put questions to the former Chancellor and Transport Secretary to keep the pressure up to maintain levels of funding.

I and Labour colleagues will continue to press the Government to not leave our communities behind in the rush (or given the current pace, breezy amble) towards Brexit.

I’ll be visiting a bunch of schools this conference season in Blaenau Gwent to see the good work they all do, especially given the efforts in Blaenau Gwent to really push attendance rates up.

It’s always a highlight of the calendar and I’m proud to be able to meet these great students and their hard working teachers.

It’s also a chance to ask about the healthy initiatives the schools have put in place to give the children the best start in life.

I’m a big advocate for a public health agenda that puts healthy eating and living front and centre.

It means an NHS under less strain and a society that is happier and healthier.

It’s why it is important to get policies such as the “sugar tax” right to encourage positive life choices, not just punish people by making their shopping more expensive across the board.

Finally, I’m hearing reports of people who will qualify for the new minimum wage earning less money because a lot of work incentives are being scaled back to compensate.

A new report from the Low Pay Commission is due out in October that may shed some more light on the issue.

I’ll be following it with interest and working to see what can be done in Parliament if the problem is widespread.