EX-SECRETARY of State for Wales Ron Davies has denied allegations that he placed rocks and logs on a mountain bike trail in a bid to obstruct cyclists.

Mr Davies was filmed on a hidden camera seemingly putting the objects on the Caerphilly trail, but claimed he was clearing the path for walkers and cyclists.

Mr Davies denied attempting to block cyclists but criticised what he called the ‘horrifying’ speed of cyclists riding through the woodland. He also called on Natural Resource Wales (NRW) to control cyclists who he says have ‘got out of hand’.

Speaking of the covert footage dated Thursday September 8, former Caerphilly MP Mr Davies, said: “It is me and now I have had a chance to look in detail, I can identify that it is in an area called The Warren. I wasn’t blocking up the path but clearing it for walkers, horse riders and cyclists.

“There was a large stone on the left of the path and some brambles on the right hand side.”

The incident has come in the wake of a dispute between cyclists and walkers, who are unhappy with how each other are using the mountain trail.

Mr Davies, a Caerphilly Woodlands Trust volunteer, stated that he was aware of a dispute, blaming cyclists for having ‘a dangerous attitude’.

Mr Davies, 70, added: “What has happened is there has been a huge increase in cyclists from across South Wales this year and they are not using it in a way recognised as responsible.

“As soon as NRW bulldozed some routes and put up signs, cyclists wrote some expletives over them, ignored them and used the routes again. They build some ramps up to 15 feet high and come down at horrifying and terrifying speeds. If they want to build these ramps they need approval from the NRW and the local authority.”

However, Ian Clarke of Van Road Mountain Bikers, said: “I don’t know Ron, but from what I have read his story has changed.

"If you look at the footage, the dark strip is the trail and it looks to me that they are putting stuff on that strip, where riders go through, to cause an obstruction.

“If they were obstructing routes we have agreed not to go down then fair enough. But almost a day after our agreement in July we have seen logs covering official routes and that’s just dangerous, if someone has an accident because of one of those obstructions then who is liable?

"It shouldn’t be the NRW, it should be whoever is moving branches and logs.”

Due to the ongoing problem, on Sunday September 11 more than 60 cyclists joined together to clear trails across the woodland which had been disrupted by angst walkers.

Mr Clarke, who received the footage anonymously through the post, added: “When I go up there after a day’s work to just chill out, it takes me more than 40 minutes sometimes to clear a 40 second ride and it’s very frustrating. It must take them as long to cover the routes so it’s clear they feel very strongly about this.

“If they could come together and speak to us and the NRW on what there unhappy then we could come to a compromise but what is annoying is that a lot of these people I speak to all the time and they never seem to have a problem.”

Sally Tansey, NRW regional land manager, said: “The allegation against Ron Davies is a matter for the police, but we do not condone the placing of obstacles across trails on our land.

“Our focus is to manage the 210km of built trail network in these woodlands and we encourage mountain bikers to use these. We will also continue to report any malicious activity or criminal damage to the police.”

Anyone reporting damage to the woodland trails should call Gwent Police and quote log number 15410092016.