A SEVEN-YEAR-OLD boy walked out of a Newport school and all the way home before teachers noticed he was missing.

Kyle Fowler turned up on his doorstep in Ringland in tears, said his mum Julianne Smith.

The 30-year-old from Ringland Circle claims it took Ringland Primary School an hour to contact her after Kyle had already got back to the house.

She claims Kyle arrived at the house at 10.30am, but says she didn't hear from the school until 11.30am, when Ringland Primary School's head teacher visited the family's home.

Miss Smith said that after being told off and sent out of class, Kyle decided to leave the school. He told her he walked out of the main door at the rear of the junior school, which was open and then through the car park and out of the school gate, which was also open.

Miss Smith said: “It’s a 10-minute walk from our house to the school and he had to cross a main road, Hendre Farm Drive.

“A stranger walked him home, she helped him cross the road.

“When he knocked on the door, he was crying.”

Miss Smith said she had been planning on going out but, thankfully, hadn’t left before he arrived home.

Speaking to the Argus straight after the incident she said: “My son has just knocked on my door – but the school, Ringland Primary, hasn’t told me he has gone missing.

“They should keep a close eye on all of them.”

Miss Smith said that she had a meeting with the school's head teacher later in the afternoon.

She said Kyle was upset when he realised what he had done.

She said: “I’m angry. They should have more safety procedures in place.

“If it was me that had lost him, I’d have had social services here already.

“This is quite bad, people need to be aware of what has happened.”

A Newport City Council spokeswoman said: “Newport City Council is aware that a Year 3 pupil left the premises of Ringland Primary School without permission earlier today.

“The absence was identified after the morning break, and a full search of the school and grounds was promptly instigated by staff.

“The head teacher then went to the nearby home of the child where he was found to be safe and well with his mother.”